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Hair Extensions Price: A Guide to Finding the Perfect Fit for Your Budget

Updated: Mar 21

Photo grid of different types of extension with text Hair Extensions Price Explained

  • Hair extensions price varies based on the type of extension, hair quality, salon, and your location.

  • The cheapest option might not be best – prioritize a skilled stylist for beautiful results and healthy hair.

  • Research is your best friend – compare prices, check reviews, and book consultations to find your perfect hair extension match.


Are you dreaming of long, luscious locks? Hair extensions can transform your look, but the cost might leave you with questions.

Price can vary significantly, leaving many wondering what they should expect to pay. 

Understanding the factors that impact hair extensions pricing empowers you to find the perfect fit for your goals and budget. Let's break it down.

This guide breaks down the factors influencing hair extensions pricing, helping you understand costs and find the perfect fit for your hair goals and budget.

Factors That Influence Hair Extensions Price

Factor 1: The Type of Hair Extensions

Hair extensions come in various types, each with its unique application method, lifespan, and price point:

Tape-In Extensions:

  • It is one of the most popular and budget-friendly methods.

  • Pre-taped wefts are applied quickly, making them relatively affordable.

  • Typically, it ranges from $ 300 to $ 800+, depending on the hair quality and salon.

Keratin Bond Extensions:

  • Individual strands are bonded to your hair using keratin, a strong protein.

  • Offer a natural-looking blend but are more time-consuming to apply, leading to higher costs.

  • Pricing can start around $400 and go up significantly based on the length and volume desired.

Hand-Tied Weft Extensions:

  • Large wefts of hair are hand-sewn to rows of your natural hair.

  • Known for a comfortable, seamless look, but requires skilled application.

  • Often priced between $500-$1200+, making them one of the pricier options.

Clip-In Extensions:

  • Temporary option for adding instant length and volume.

  • Most affordable, but prices vary widely based on hair quality (synthetic vs. human).

  • A great way to experiment with extensions before committing to a more permanent method.

Important Considerations:

  • Material Matters: Human hair extensions offer the best look, durability, and styling versatility but understandably come at a higher cost than synthetic options.

  • Application Complexity: Labor-intensive Methods (like keratin bonds) will naturally have a higher price tag due to the stylist's time and expertise.

Factor 2: Hair Quality & Length

Beyond the type, these two factors significantly influence your final price:

Hair Quality: The Source Matters

  • Human Hair: Offers the most natural look, feel, and ability to be styled like your own hair. It comes in various grades, with Remy human hair (cuticles intact) being the most premium and expensive.

  • Synthetic Hair: A more affordable option, but it has limitations regarding styling and lifespan. Often used for temporary solutions or for experimenting with colors and textures.

Length & Volume: More Hair, Higher Cost

  • The longer and thicker your desired hair extensions, the more hair is required, directly impacting the price.

  • Consider your hair goals: Do you want a subtle boost or dramatic length and volume? This will influence your budget.

Cost Expectations:

  • Shorter Lengths: Expect lower prices for around shoulder length or shorter.

  • Medium Lengths: Mid-back length will naturally cost more due to the increased amount of hair needed.

  • Long and Luxurious: For ultra-long or extremely thick hair extensions, expect a higher price tag reflecting the premium materials and additional application time.

Key Takeaway: Investing in high-quality human hair extensions and choosing the right length for your goals ensures a beautiful, long-lasting transformation worth the price.

Factor 3: Salon Reputation & Stylist Experience

Ame Salon client with extenions and foils in chair. Photo by Ame Salon

Where you get your hair extensions done plays a crucial role in the quality of the experience and the overall cost. Here's why:

Stylist Skill:

  • Proper application is an art. A skilled stylist ensures a seamless blend, healthy hair, and long-lasting results.

  • Experienced specialists often charge more, reflecting their expertise and demand.

Salon Reputation:

  • Well-established salons with a strong track record may have higher prices due to location, amenities, and overall brand reputation.

  • Premium salons might use top-of-the-line hair extensions and products, further influencing the cost.

Specialized Services:

Balancing Cost and Expertise:

  • Don't Always Skimp: While the cheapest option might be tempting, it can lead to disappointing results or even hair damage.

  • Research is Key: Check out salon websites, reviews, and before-and-after photos to assess stylist experience and results.

  • Consultations Matter: Many salons offer free consultations. This lets you discuss your goals, get price quotes, and assess the stylist's knowledge before committing.

  • Flexible Payment Options: Look for salons offering payment plans like "Get hair and pay later." This can make your dream hair more affordable.

Remember: Investing in a reputable salon and skilled stylist is an investment in the health and longevity of your natural hair and beautiful extensions.

Factor 4: Your Location Matters

A grid photo depicting Before and After Tape-In Hair Extensions at Ame Salon
Before and After Tape-In Hair Extensions at Ame Salon

The prices can vary depending on where you live. Here's why:

  • Cost of Living: Salons in major metropolitan areas or regions with a higher cost of living generally charge more for services like hair extensions. This reflects higher overhead costs like rent and supplies.

  • Competition: Areas with a dense concentration of hair salons may have more competitive pricing – but don't always assume this translates to lower quality.

  • Regional Trends: Popular extension types or techniques in certain regions can influence pricing based on demand.

Comparing Costs:

  • Suburban vs. Urban: Salons in smaller towns or suburbs offer lower prices than those in bustling city centers.

  • State-by-State: Extension costs can even vary between states. Research average prices in your general area to get a benchmark.

  • Online Resources: Websites or forums dedicated to hair extensions might discuss regional pricing trends.

Important Note: Don't let location be the sole deciding factor. Balance cost with stylist expertise, salon reputation, and service quality. Sometimes, traveling further for a top-notch experience is worth the investment.

Factor 5: Beyond the Extensions: Additional Costs to Consider 

Beyond the extensions themselves, consider these services that can impact your final price:

  • Consultations: Some salons charge for in-depth consultations, mainly if they include color matching or custom hair extension planning.

  • Color Services: If you need your extensions dyed to match your hair perfectly, this will add to the overall cost.

  • Maintenance: Regular salon visits for adjustments, reapplication, or removal will have associated fees.

  • Products: Your stylist will likely recommend specific shampoos, conditioners, and styling products to keep your extensions looking their best and prolong their lifespan.

Tip: During your consultation, ask for a clear breakdown of costs, including any additional services that might be required.

Average Cost of Hair Extensions in Bergen County, New Jersey

Understanding average prices in New Jersey gives you a starting point for your hair extension journey. Keep in mind that these are just estimates, and your final cost will depend on several factors:

  • Type of Extensions: Tape-ins, sew-ins, keratin bonds, and other methods vary in price due to materials and application complexity.

  • Hair Quality: Human hair extensions offer the best look and feel but are more expensive than synthetic options.

  • Length and Volume: Longer, thicker extensions naturally require more hair, increasing costs.

  • Salon and Stylist: Experience, location, and demand can influence pricing.

While hair extension prices vary nationwide, New Jersey residents have the advantage of diverse salons and skilled stylists. 

But Don't let price be your sole deciding factor. The cheapest option isn't always the best. Prioritize stylist expertise, quality materials, and proper aftercare for long-lasting, beautiful results.

If you're in Bergen County, consider AME Hair Salon in Englewood for expert consultations, personalized extension services, and competitive pricing.


Q: Can I get hair extensions on a tight budget? 

A: Yes, there are options! Consider synthetic clip-in for temporary transformations, or consult with salons about budget-friendly methods like shorter-length tape-ins.

Q: I'm worried about damaging my hair. Are extensions safe? 

A: When applied correctly by a skilled stylist and given proper aftercare, extensions should not cause damage. Prioritize professional services and prioritize healthy hair habits.

Q: How long do hair extensions last? 

A: Lifespan varies greatly depending on the extension type and your maintenance routine. Some methods last only a few weeks, while others can last several months with proper care.

Q: Are there alternatives to traditional hair extensions? 

A: Yes! If you're looking for temporary solutions or want to try something different, explore halos (wire-based extensions) or hair toppers (pieces that add volume to the crown area).

Q: How do I find the best salon for hair extensions? 

A: Research is critical! Look for salons specializing in extensions, check reviews and before-and-after photos, and, most importantly, book a consultation to discuss your goals and see if the stylist is a good fit.

Ready to transform your hair? 

Book your complimentary consultation at AME Hair Salon in Englewood, NJ today!

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