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Ljupka Arsovska

Owner & master colorist with 20 years of international shop experience. European supermom of two and a business woman.

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Ambar Pucha

Licensed beauty advisor and a stylist. Check out her Instagram Profile

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Liliya Kots

Licensed Cosmetologist

10 years of professional experience and an expert in various hair removal techniques including Soft, Hard Wax and  Sugaring.

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Channyl Garcia

Stylist, Make up artist, trend explorer and media manager

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Bee Patel

Senior Stylist and a west coast transplant. Worked in USA, UK & EU. "The most rewarding part of my job is seeing the smile on your face after you see your new look"

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Dorina Kasalla

European senior stylist with 15+ years of experience. Very dedicated specialized in color, balayage ,  creative coloring and hair cut. She loves expressing her creativity through color and enjoys spending time with her clients

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