Ljupka Arsovska

Senior Stylist / Colorist

Celebrity master stylist with over 20 years of experience, European born and trained, voted most beautiful woman in Macedonia, mother of two, Ljupka owned and managed salons in Europe and the US. 

Her work includes designs for theater plays and operas, special effects make-up, internationally awarded commercials, TV shows and her own fashion line. Recipient of special government award  for being a country's top cultural promoter. 



Mila Arsovska

Senior Stylist / Colorist

Mila Arsovska, a celebrity stylist with over 15 years of experience specializing Hair Styling and Coloring. Years of quality work and dedication as a hair stylist  made her the co-owner of studio Essence,  was recognized as the Best Stylist in Macedonia. Hosted and was involved in few prime time TV show, movies, fashion week, magazines, beauty makeover channels, celebrities and politician casts and campaigns. Her clientele  are performers, movie and theater stars, recognized work with MTV, variety of European TV Channels and media. 

Mila on Instagram 

Arelys Rodriguez

Stylist & Makeup Artist

The Irreplaceable Arelys is a stylist and a makeup artist bar none. 

Steph Rico

Stylist & Makeup Artist

Introducing Stephanie Rico - It took us very long time to locate a stylist with the combo of talent, work ethic and dedication we require. She was the best of the very best in her class at the Parisian Beauty Academy and we are proud and so lucky to have her on our team. 

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