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Ten Ways to Save at Any Hair Salon: Owner's Advice

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

Ame Salon Owner Ljupka Arsovska poses with text Ten ways to save at any salon: owners advice
Ame Salon in Englewood owner Ljupka Arsovska
  • Word-of-mouth is gold for saving at any hair salon.

  • Social media and email subscriptions are your best friends for salon deals.

  • Service packages can offer significant savings for regular salon-goers.

1. How Not to Save At Any Hair Salon

Everybody wants to look their best without breaking the bank. But when it comes to salon advice online, there's a ton of misleading information.

As an actual salon owner, I'm here to set the record straight and share real, practical tips to help you save at any hair salon.

List of Common Misleading Online Advice:

  • "Don't buy anything from a salon."

  • "Always book with the cheapest stylist."

  • "Skip the salon entirely."

  • "Enroll in a beautician school."

Now that we've debunked these myths, let's move on to the genuine ways you can save at any hair salon.

2. The Importance of Referrals

Hair salons thrive on satisfied customers talking about their fabulous new looks.

If you've ever left a salon and received compliments on your hair, that's potential savings right there!

Why Referrals Matter:

  • Builds Trust: New clients are more likely to trust a salon recommended by a friend.

  • Win-Win Situation: Salons get new clients, and you get rewards. For instance, Ame Salon offers a whopping $100 for every successful referral.

  • Influencers Rejoice: If you have a significant social media following, just imagine the earnings by simply sharing your salon experiences!

Black Friday Deals from Ame Salon in Englewood example

3. Promotions and Flash Sales

Ever walked past a salon and noticed a 'Today Only!' sign? That's a flash sale, my friend.

Salons often have promotions, but they might not always be advertised widely.

Quick Tips to Catch Those Deals:

  • Stay Social: Make sure you're following your favorite salons on social media.

  • Email Alerts: Subscribe to salon newsletters. You'll be the first to know about exclusive deals.

  • Ask: Sometimes, just asking about ongoing promotions can score you a discount.

Remember, the key is to be proactive. By seeking out deals and understanding the importance of referrals, you're already on your way to looking gorgeous without spending a fortune.

4. Service Packages

Consistency can be rewarding, especially when it comes to hair care.

For those who find themselves frequenting the salon, opting for service packages is a savvy move.

Benefits of Service Packages:

  • Value for Money: Often, you'll find deals like 'Buy 5, Get 1 Free' – a literal free visit!

  • Consistency in Care: Regular visits mean better hair health and maintenance.

  • Loyalty Rewards: Salons appreciate loyal customers and may offer additional perks.

At our very own AME Salon, for example, we provide a package of 5 blow-drys for the price of 4. It's like getting a whole session on the house!

5. Cash Discounts

Ame Salon gift voucher example. Design by Ame Salon

In an increasingly digital world, cash still holds its charm, especially for businesses. Many salons, though they may not always advertise it, appreciate cash payments.

Why Cash Can Be King:

  1. Immediate Funds: Salons don't have to wait for bank processes.

  2. Lesser Fees: Avoiding card transaction fees can translate to discounts for you.

  3. Simplicity: It's straightforward – no tech glitches or declined card issues.

So next time, consider asking if there's a cash discount. You might be pleasantly surprised!

6. AME's Hair Salon Payment Plan: Beauty Now, Pay Later

AME hair salon in Englewood, isn't just about offering top-notch beauty services; we're also about making them accessible and budget-friendly.

That’s why we have a plan designed for those who want to flaunt now and settle later.

Why Our Payment Plan Stands Out:

  • Interest-Free Instalments: Your beauty treatments shouldn't come with hidden costs. Enjoy zero interest rates with our plan.

  • No Strings Attached: We value your trust. That's why there are no hidden fees or hard credit checks.

  • Swift Sign-Up: Don't let paperwork get in the way of beauty. Our quick sign-up process ensures immediate access.

Benefits at a Glance:

  1. Adaptable Payments: Get the luxury of spreading your beauty treatment costs over six weeks.

  2. Transparent Pricing: Four easy, interest-free payments. No surprises.

  3. Instant Access: No waiting periods. Get the beauty treatments you crave immediately.

  4. Simplified Sign-Up: With our hassle-free process, you can start leveraging the payment plan right away.

How It Works: Booking your favorite treatments at AME Salon just got a lot simpler. Pick your desired services, proceed to checkout, and select Vagaro Pay Later as your payment method.

A few clicks, and you're all set to shine!

Remember, at AME Salon, it's all about providing unparalleled beauty experiences that don't weigh down your pocket.

With our Hair Salon Payment Plan, you get the best of both worlds – unmatched beauty services and an easy payment structure.

Balayage Discounted Service Example, design by Ame Salon
Ame Salon flash sale example

7. Follow Major Holiday Dates

Special occasions often translate to special deals in the beauty industry.

Keeping tabs on major holidays can be the key to unlocking festive discounts.

Holidays Often Associated with Salon Discounts:

  • Thanksgiving: Perfect time for that festive updo or fresh color.

  • Valentine's Day: Get date-ready with salon specials.

  • Mother's Day: A popular day for pampering packages.

8. Book in Low Seasons

There's a rhythm to the salon business, with certain months being busier than others. Booking during the off-peak seasons can lead to considerable savings.

Low Seasons to Consider for Booking:

  1. January and February: Post-holiday lull.

  2. July and August: Summer vacations can mean fewer clients.

Our detailed annual calendar highlights the best times to book for discounts.

9. Last-Minute Open Bookings

Life happens, and sometimes appointments get canceled. Savvy clients can capitalize on these slots, which are often offered at discounted rates.

Steps to Snag a Last-Minute Deal:

  1. Stay Updated: Follow your salon's social media pages closely.

  2. Be Flexible: Being open to different time slots can be rewarding.

  3. Act Fast: These deals get snapped up quickly!

10. Care for Your Hair & Follow Stylist's Advice

Lastly, but most importantly, taking care of your hair reduces the need for frequent corrective treatments.

Listen to your stylist's advice – they want your hair to look its best!

Hair Care Tips to Remember:

  • Avoid Excessive Heat: Too much heat styling can damage hair.

  • Use Quality Products: They might be pricier, but they protect your hair.

  • Regular Maintenance: Trims and treatments prevent bigger hair problems down the line.


Getting the salon experience doesn't mean emptying your wallet. By being informed, proactive, and engaging, you can enjoy fabulous hair without the hefty price tag.

From cash discounts to making the most of last-minute bookings, there are numerous ways to save.

So, the next time you're planning a salon visit, remember these tips and make the most of every dollar spent.

And for more insights and offers, don't forget to subscribe and stay connected with us!

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