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Ten ways to save at (any) hair salon, and still look gorgeous!

Updated: Mar 31

From an actual salon owner

While doing research for my new post on how to save money at a hair salon, I found tons of ridiculous advice online from people who obviously never set foot in a salon. Tips like ‘Don’t buy anything from a salon’ or ‘Book with the cheapest stylist’ or ‘Don’t go to a hair salon at all’ and the best: ‘Enroll in a beautician school’...

So, here are ten ACTUAL ways how to save at (any) hair salon:

  1. Referrals. Hair salons depend on word of mouth. If you are happy with your hair and recommend a friend - there might be a reward for you. For instance, Ame Salon offers $100 per referral. No kidding, one hundred bucks! An influencer can make a living by referring clients to us.

  2. Be vigilant for promotions and flash sales. Hair salons often offer deals and incentives but do not have the time to advertise them. So, make sure you follow your salon’s social media channels and sign up for their emails.

  3. Ask about service packages! Who doesn’t like a free blow-dry or a facial? If you are a “frequent flier” at hair salons, look for those offering packages: Buy 5 and get 1 free (or more) deals. For Instance, we at AME offer a package of 5 blow-drys for a price of 4.

  4. Cash is still King and always welcomed at any business. Many salons offer but don’t (and can’t) advertise this service so feel free to ask for a 5% discount when paying in cash.

  5. Some salons offer a reward if you tag them on your instas or if you leave a review while you are still in the chair. If you like your hair, don’t be shy to drop a nice word online and share a tagged pic or two.

  6. Follow major holiday dates. Most salons offer specials for Thanksgiving, Valentine's, Mother's day, etc - you get the idea. Again, make sure you sign up for emails and follow the salon’s social media channels.

  7. Book in low seasons. Jan/Feb and Jul/Aug are the slowest seasons at any salon and the owners are most likely to give out a discount.

  8. Last minute open bookings. Clients cancel appointments all the time. It is not uncommon for a salon to advertise last-minute open bookings at a discounted rate. Following your salon's social media will give you heads-up for a discounted appointment.

  9. Cancel on time or actually show up. Especially if you left your credit card on file! No-shows are a big no-no at a salon. Stylists have few hours to accommodate clients and it’s not uncommon for a salon to charge a fee for no-shows.

  10. And most important - follow your stylist's advice! Damaged hair needs longer and more frequent visits to the salon. Make sure to ask a lot of questions about how to protect your hair while you are still in the chair.

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