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Finding The Perfect Local Hair Extensions Just Around the Corner

Updated: Apr 3

Presenting glamorous hair extensions by Ame Salon
Extensions by Ame Salon, Englewood, NJ
  • There are four main types of hair extensions—clip-in, tape-in, sewn-in, and micro-bead—each with unique pros and cons to carefully consider.

  • Proper installation and ongoing care are crucial to minimizing damage and maximizing the longevity and natural look of hair extensions.

  • Do thorough research to find the best options for your specific hair type, needs, and budget.

Hair extensions continue to surge in popularity for their ability to transform your locks without a dramatic haircut or months of growth.

These add-on tresses offer an easy way to get gorgeous, longer, and fuller hair.

With celebrities and women everywhere rocking extensions, they've become a hot service at hair salons.

But before you run to the nearest stylist, there’s much to learn about selecting the right type, proper application, and care.

Do it wrong, and extensions can look fake and cause damage. Do your homework; they can take your style to new lengths without sacrifice.

Demystifying All the Extension Options

Extension Type

Application Method





Clips sewn into wefts of hair


Easy to apply yourself

Not long-lasting


Tape bonded to natural hair

​4-8 weeks

Undetectable look

Can irritate scalp


Sewn into braided rows


Seamless, versatile

​Time-intensive install

​Micro Bead

Clamped to hair strands


Discreet for thin hair

Beads can snag/pull

When it comes to extensions, one size does not fit all. There are several types to choose from, each with unique pros and cons:

  1. Clip-Ins: Exactly as named, these are sections of hair clipped into your strands and can be put in and removed at home. Great for temporary looks.

  2. Tape-Ins: Tapes of hair adhered to small sections of your natural hair. Lasts 6-8 weeks with move-up appointments.

  3. Sewn-In Weaves: Braids are sewn into your hair, then wefted hair is sewn into the braids for a seamless look. Most natural results but takes longer.

  4. Micro Beads: Tiny beads clamp onto tiny hair sections to add new hair strand by strand—lightweight option.

Hair Extensions Provides Natural Look
Seamlessly Natural Hair Extensions by Ame Salon

Seamlessly Natural Hair Extensions

The key to extensions looking utterly natural is choosing ones that match your hair texture, thickness, color, and wave pattern.

Bring multiple hair photos to your consultation. Stylists can then select extensions that blend in perfectly.

Pro install is also critical—stylists use face-framing and staggered lengths to make the transition invisible.

Leave it to the experts for hair that moves and shines like your own.

The Truth About Hair Health and Extensions

Contrary to popular myth, extensions done properly don’t have to damage hair.

High-quality extensions with gentle attachment methods applied correctly at the right frequency rarely cause harm.

Damage happens when improper installation pulls on hair or heavy extensions weigh down delicate strands.Fpri

The fix?

  • Meet a certified stylist to assess your hair's strength and choose the lightest extensions possible.

  • Opt for removable tape-ins over sewn-in methods when you can.

  • Follow all aftercare diligently.

  • Extensions and natural hair can coexist harmoniously with suitable materials and maintenance.

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In and Out in No Time

Concerned about marathon sessions in the salon chair? Advances in application technology now allow for quicker installs.

Clip-ins can be popped in at home in minutes. Salon methods like tapes, keratin bonds, or partial sew-ins can be done in as little as one to two hours.

With strategic prep like pre-sectioning hair and some pre-highlighting, your stylist can work efficiently and strategically.

Discuss what you want to be done beforehand so they know how much hair to prepare. With an expert doing the work, you’ll have gorgeous new locks in far less time than you think!

Long Hair Extensions
Beautiful Hair Extensions by Ame Salon, Englewood, NJ

Caring for Extensions to Make Them Last

While quick to install, extensions do require vigilance to keep them looking fabulous.

Expect to devote 5-10 extra minutes daily to gentle brushing, nighttime braiding, and weekly deep conditioning.

See your stylist every 6-8 weeks for maintenance. Avoid harsh products, tight styles, and heat damage.

With diligent TLC, your extensions can last 4-6 months or longer. But neglect can lead to tangled disasters.

Be prepared to invest some extra care for maximum life span.

Shop Smarter: Hair Extension Care Products

From customized shampoos to reconstructor masks, products explicitly created for extensions can make a significant difference from customized shampoos to reconstructor masks.

Look for nourishing, sulfate-free cleansers, leave-in treatments with UV blockers, and bond-building conditioners. Steer clear of clarifying, alcohol-based, or hot tool-enhancing products that can cause dryness and damage.

Ask your stylist for product recommendations based on your hair type and chosen extension method. Investing in the proper care products will protect your investment.

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Living Pain-Free With Perfectly Comfy Extensions

There’s a common myth that hair extensions must be uncomfortable. But the truth is, correctly chosen and installed extensions should feel natural and weightless.

To prevent discomfort, avoid super-heavy extensions beyond what your hair can handle. Speak up during installation about any tightness or pain so your stylist can adjust.

Keep extensions conditioned, and do not create knots at the root. See your pro promptly if any bonds feel loose. With the right lightweight extensions and care, you can comfortably rock your new tresses!

High-End Hair Extensions
High-End Hair Extensions by Ame Salon, Englewood, NJ

Are High-End Hair Extensions Worth the Investment?

Let’s be honest—flawless extensions aren’t cheap.

Full installs can range from $200 for basic clip-ins to $800+ for tape-ins or sew-ins, depending on desired volume and length.

So are they worth it? Absolutely—when done correctly by a professional, extensions become an investment in confidence, versatility, and beauty.

Far better to pay more upfront for premium quality that lasts months with proper maintenance rather than go cheap.

Do your research, choose an experienced stylist, and select the best extensions you can reasonably afford.

For most clients, the endless styling options and self-esteem boost more than justify the initial investment.

Buy Now, Pay Later Extension Payment Plans at Ame Salon

At Ame Salon, we make high-end extensions accessible through our interest-free payment plans. With our Buy Now, Pay Later program, you can get your dream hair immediately and divide costs into four interest-free installments over six weeks.

With quick online approval, an affordable one-time 6% transaction fee, and automated payment management, our BNPL program makes fabulous extensions available on any budget.

Contact us to learn more and apply! Our flexible payment options make investing in luxury locks more accessible than ever.

Choosing a Quality Local Extensions Salon

After learning the art and science behind extensions, it’s time to find the right salon for installation and upkeep. Avoid falling victim to extension horror stories! With some savvy salon selection, you can find fabulous extensions conveniently close to home.

Do Your Research

Start by scanning online reviews, asking friends for referrals, and calling around for consultations. Look for salons and stylists with specialized extension training and certifications.

Ask how long they’ve offered extensions, the types they use, and their recommended care. A reputable pro will provide guidance based on your hair’s unique needs and lifestyle.

Look for These Green Flags:

  • A robust extension menu - More options and brands signal extensive experience.

  • Before and after photos - Ask to see examples of their work. Do the results look natural?

  • Ongoing education - Well-trained stylists invest in constant education on new methods and products.

  • A custom consultation - They’ll evaluate your hair and wishes to make personalized recommendations.

  • Caring customer service - From pricing transparency to installation comfort, you should feel taken care of.

Avoid Salons That:

  • Push "one style fits all" - Quality extension pros know that's not the case.

  • Can't provide examples of work - Every experienced stylist has a portfolio to show off.

  • Use damaging methods - If it sounds like it will thin or break your hair, find a different salon.

  • Make you feel pressured - A top salon allows time to weigh options without pushy sales tactics.

Know the Risks: Possible Complications From Hair Extensions

While extensions can instantly give you glorious long locks, the procedure does come with some risks. Being aware of the potential complications can help you avoid extension pitfalls.

  • Hair Damage - Extensions can damage hair if improperly installed or removed. Too much tension on roots or heavy extensions can cause breakage and thinning.

  • Skin Irritation - Tape, keratin bonds, and beads next to the scalp can prompt irritation, itching, and acne in rare cases.

  • Hair Loss - Traction alopecia or thinning hair can happen if extensions are too tight or weigh down delicate strands.

  • Headaches - Extensions that pull on hair can occasionally trigger headaches. So can wearing excessively heavy extensions.

  • Allergies - In rare cases, people may be allergic to extension adhesives, keratin bonds, or other chemicals used. Do a patch test.

Knowing the risks allows you to discuss them with your stylist proactively.

An experienced professional can help you avoid these pitfalls by carefully analyzing your hair, using top-quality extensions, and gently installation best practices.

While no procedure is entirely without risk, the chances of complications are minimal with the right stylist.

But it's wise to consider both benefits and possible drawbacks before pursuing extensions.

Ready for Your Fabulous Local Extensions?

While any salon can stick hair on your head, truly seamless, natural extensions take artistry and expertise. But that level of quality can be something other than traveling to a big city or celebrity stylist.

You can now find stellar extension services in your neighborhood by doing your local research.

With the right salon and stylist guiding you through myriad options and careful application, those bombshell Hollywood locks you envy can be yours.

Why wait months for your hair to grow when extensions offer instant mermaid length and volume?

Ditch hair woes and embrace your inner diva — lush locks are closer than you imagined.

Ready to get started?

Contact Ame Salon today to schedule a consultation!


Q: What are the pros and cons of different hair extension types?

A: Hair extension types have unique pros and cons, so research clip-in, tape-in, sewn-in and micro-bead differences to pick what suits your needs.

Q: How much do hair extensions cost?

A: Full hair extension application costs typically range from $200-$800 depending on type, amount of hair, and stylist expertise.

Q: What's the best way to care for hair extensions?

A: Caring for extensions requires gentle brushing, sulfate-free products, limited heat styling, and professional touch-ups every 4-8 weeks.

Q: How long do hair extensions last?

A: Most hair extensions last 4-8 weeks before needing maintenance, but sewn-in and micro-bead types can last several months with proper care.

Q: How do I find a qualified hair extensions stylist?

A: Find a qualified extensions stylist by checking reviews, before/after photos, salon certifications, and customized consultations.

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