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Find a Local Keratin Hair Salon That's Right for You

  • Smoothing treatments like keratin and hair botox can transform frizzy, unruly hair. But they have risks like damage if overdone.

  • The ideal treatment depends on your hair type, lifestyle, and desired look. Consult a stylist to determine the best option.

  • Proper aftercare with sulfate-free products, limited washing, and heat protection are vital to maintaining results and hair health.

Let's get real - who hasn't looked in the mirror and thought, "My hair is a hot mess today!" Frizzy, puffy hair can make even us gorgeous gals feel frazzled.

But don't freak out! There are tons of keratin treatments and hair botox options to smooth and relax unruly locks.

If you've googled "keratin hair salon near me" or "hair botox treatment," you've likely wondered: what's the difference between keratin vs. hair botox anyway?

Ame Salon client poses for a photo
Gorgeous Straight Hair at Ame Salon

Both can transform frizzy hair into sleek, swishy strands. Keratin treatments use a protein formula to relax curls or frizziness for a few months. Hair botox repairs damaged hair with botanical ingredients for an anti-aging effect that lasts 6-8 weeks.

Keratin works best for the permanent smoothing of naturally curly hair. Hair botox is ideal for temporarily reviving dry, damaged hair. Reviews show both amazing before and after transformations! The cost ranges from $150-$500, depending on the treatment type and salon.

Sure, some complain of minor side effects like flat hair from keratin or oiliness from botox. But most agree - when done properly at a reputable local salon - these treatments are life-changing for frizzy, unmanageable hair!

Keratin Treatments

  • Keratin is a protein in your hair that keeps strands strong and flexible. Keratin treatments overload your hair with extra keratin to relax curls or frizz.

  • Popular branded treatments include Brazilian Blowout, Express Keratin, etc. Each has a special formula, but the process is similar:

    • Hair is washed with a clarifying shampoo

    • Keratin solution is applied

    • Flat iron is used to seal the keratin

  • Results last 2-5 months typically. Hair looks straighter, shinier, and way smoother. No more wasting time taming frizz!

  • Some downsides:

    • Can leave hair limp or lifeless if overdone

    • Requires sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner for maintenance

    • Not ideal for fine, thin hair

    • Pricey! Ranges from $150 to $500+ per treatment

  • Best results for thick, curly, or frizzy hair. Research to find a reputable salon.

  • Keratin treatments can seriously take your hair from frazzled to fabulous!

Japanese Straightening

Ame Salon client poses in Englewood, NJ
Gorgeous straight hair at Ame Salon
  • Overview of Japanese hair straightening

  • How it works to straighten hair

Japanese straightening may be the ticket to straighten super curly or oily hair permanently. This intense treatment can relax even the curliest locks for months on end.

The process takes a few hours. First, a stylist will prep your hair by washing and lightly blow drying. Then, they apply a special Japanese straightening cream containing cysteine - an amino acid that breaks down bonds in the hair cortex to allow reshaping.

Your hair is sectioned and straightened with a flat iron heated to 450°F! After your hair cools, they neutralize the cream and rinse.

The pros are obvious - pencil-straight hair from just one treatment for 3-6 months! It works on all hair types and textures. The cons? It contains harsh chemicals like formaldehyde, so make sure your stylist is experienced.

Proper aftercare with sulfate-free shampoo is vital to avoid damage. Some complain it leaves hair a bit dry or porous. And it's one of the priciest options, ranging from $350-800 per treatment.

Overall, Japanese straightening delivers super sleek, straight locks for those willing to commit!

Thermal Reconditioning

Ame Salon poses for a photo in Englewood, NJ
Gorgeous Straight Hair at Ame Salon, Englewood, NJ

What is thermal reconditioning?

  • The process of getting it done

  • Benefits and downsides

Thermal reconditioning, or a thermal straightening or Brazilian straightening treatment, is another semi-permanent option for straightening curls or waves.

This treatment involves applying a protein or collagen-infused straightening product to prep and protect the hair. Next, the stylist sections your hair and covers each part with hot irons heated from 380°F to 450°F. They may make two or more passes with the irons to ensure the product penetrates the hair cuticle. After your hair cools and sets, they will rinse out the product.

The benefits? Thermal reconditioning can leave hair ultra smooth, silky, and frizz-free for 3-5 months. It allows for flexible styling, too - you can still wear hair curly or wavy if desired. The downside is the high heat and chemicals can damage hair if not done correctly.

Proper aftercare is essential to keep hair from drying out. Cost is moderate, ranging from $200-$500 on average. For those with thick, frizzy hair, thermal reconditioning can bring months of easy, frizz-free styling.

Chemical Relaxers

  • Chemical relaxers use strong chemicals to permanently straighten curly or coily hair textures.

  • There are two main types:

    • Lye relaxers - Contains sodium hydroxide, very harsh

    • No-lye relaxers - Contains calcium hydroxide, less harsh

  • Pros:

    • Permanently straightens hair

    • Leaves hair very straight and smooth

    • Relatively affordable ($50-$150)

  • Cons:

    • It uses harsh chemicals

    • Risk of damage, breakage, and hair loss

    • Requires growing out relaxed hair to return to natural texture

Pros: Chemical relaxers can permanently straighten very curly or coily hair textures. The results are very straight, smooth hair that is easier to manage and style. Chemical relaxers are also relatively affordable, ranging from $50-$150 per treatment. For those seeking permanently straight hair, chemical relaxers can give dramatic results.

Cons: However, chemical relaxers use harsh chemicals like lye or calcium hydroxide to achieve the straightening effect. This makes them damaging to hair and scalp, with a risk of breakage, thinning, and hair loss if not done correctly. They require growing out the relaxed hair to return to a natural texture.

Choosing the Right Treatment

Ljupka checking hairstyle
Ame Salon owner Ljupka checks one of her creations

Choosing the ideal smoothing treatment depends on several factors:

  • Hair type - Curly, coily, thick hair benefits most from permanent straightening like keratin or Japanese straightening. Delicate, fragile hair is better suited for temporary treatments like hair botox.

  • Lifestyle - Frequent swimmers or gym-goers should avoid lengthy treatments. Busy professionals who want wash-and-go hair may prefer permanent results.

  • Styling preferences - Those who still want curl flexibility should opt for temporary or semi-permanent options. People who blowdry hair daily benefit from added smoothness and shine.

  • Time and budget - Permanent treatments require a lengthy process but longer-lasting results. Temporary options cost less but require more frequent applications.

Recommendations by Hair Type

  • Tight curls and coils - Japanese straightening or chemical relaxers

  • Frizzy, thicker curls - Keratin treatments

  • Delicate and fragile hair - Hair botox or thermal reconditioning

  • Damaged but straight hair - Hair botox or temporary smoothing serum

  • Wavy hair that still wants wave - Temporary anti-frizz treatments

Consider hair type, lifestyle, and desired results when weighing the pros and cons of each smoothing treatment. Consult a stylist to determine which option is best suited for your hair!

Aftercare Tips

Proper aftercare is crucial for maintaining results and keeping hair healthy after smoothing treatments. Here are some tips:

How to Extend Results

  • Use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioning products to prolong smoothing effects and prevent damage.

  • Limit washing to 1-2 times per week

  • Rinse with cool water and avoid excess heat styling when possible

  • Schedule a follow-up gloss or conditioning treatment at 4-6 weeks post-process

  • Protect hair from sun exposure with hats or protective sprays

It's also important to be gentle when washing and styling hair after a smoothing service. Detangle locks with a wide-tooth comb or wet brush to avoid snapping strands. Let hair air dry when possible instead of force-drying with hot tools. Always prep with a thermal protectant spray to minimize damage if using heat styling. Handle hair delicately and opt for loose hairstyles instead of tight ponytails or buns in the weeks following treatment. Being extra careful with brushing, drying, styling, and wearing hair up can help prolong the results.

Recommended Products

Regarding must-have products for maintaining your smoothed locks, focus on hydration, protection, and gentle handling. Load up on moisturizing and strengthening formulas to offset any potential dryness or damage from chemical services.

Use heat protectants religiously to limit thermal damage and accessories that prevent breakage and split ends. Invest in quality products with ingredients that prolong the frizz-free, silky-smooth results. Some of the products we recommend:

  • Sulfate-free shampoos to limit stripping of oils

  • Deep conditioning masks or leave-in treatments

  • Heat-protecting sprays before using hot tools

  • Silicone-free serums or oils for added hydration and shine

  • Wet brushes or wide-tooth combs to gently detangle

Helpful Habits

  • Allow hair to air dry when possible

  • Sleep on a silk pillowcase to minimize friction

  • Use soft scrunchies, clips, and ties to secure hair

  • Drink plenty of water and take hair supplements like biotin

  • Get regular trims to prevent split ends and breakage

Proper at-home care is just as critical as the initial smoothing treatment. Invest in quality products and establish healthy hair habits to maintain glossy, frizz-free locks!


Ame Salon gets keratin treatment in Englewood, NJ.
Before applying Keratin

There are many effective smoothing treatments to control frizz and enhance shine.

Key Takeaways:

  • Keratin treatments overload hair with keratin protein to relax curls and frizz for 2-5 months.

  • Japanese straightening uses harsh chemicals for permanent straightening lasting 3-6 months.

  • Thermal reconditioning straightens hair via flat irons for 3-5 months results.

  • Chemical relaxers permanently straighten but are very damaging to hair and scalp.

  • Hair botox repairs hair temporarily using botanicals for 6-8 weeks of improvement.

  • Choose the treatment based on hair type, lifestyle, budget, and desired results.

  • Proper at-home care is crucial for maintaining results and hair health

Final Thoughts:

Smoothing treatments can transform frizzy, unmanageable hair. But they come with risks like damage if overdone. Do your research to find an experienced stylist. Be open about your hair goals and expectations. Follow aftercare tips religiously. With the proper treatment and maintenance regimen, you can enjoy smooth, shiny, frizz-free hair for months on end!


Q: How long do the results from keratin treatments last?

A: Keratin treatments typically last 2-5 months before a touch-up is needed. Proper at-home care can help extend the results.

Q: Can I still wear my hair curly or wavy after a smoothing treatment?

A: Semi-permanent treatments like keratin and thermal reconditioning allow you to alternate between straight and curly styles.

Q: Will a smoothing treatment damage my hair?

A: There is always some risk of damage, especially with excessive heat styling. Avoid over-processing and follow aftercare tips to keep hair healthy.

Q: Which is better - keratin vs. hair botox?

A: Keratin works best for longer-term smoothing of curly hair. Hair botox is gentler and better for temporary shine and frizz control.

Q: How soon after a treatment can I wash my hair?

A: Most stylists recommend waiting 3-5 days before washing hair after a smoothing service. Use dry shampoo if you need to refresh your hair before that.

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