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You need a salon treatment when you color your hair, or when your hair is dry and dull. If your at-home treatment isn’t working like it used to, you should speak to your stylist to see what they can do for your hair.

After coloring, we usually do a deep conditioning  treatment,  which is a leave-in treatment that helps lock in the color so that it lasts longer. These only take a minute to apply at the basin and are left in your hair. 

If you don’t color your hair, you’ll still benefit from an in-salon hair treatment. It’s a treat for your hair, like getting a regular facial.

If you’re guilty of hair crimes, you need to bring out the big guns. I’m talking to you, with the bleach blonde hair, or the hair that’s dry and dull from too much heat styling. Intensive salon treatments can help repair your hair :)


All fashion lovers know the urge to change up your look never goes away, and since the fastest way to do that is amping up your hair color, we’ve found a way  that will transform your hair color  without any damage! Visit  any of our colorists for an amazing dye job. This is how you can Prep your hair before a hair color. Apply a deep-conditioning hair mask a couple of days before your appointment. The moisture will help your hair hold the pigment better. And if you have a sensitive scalp, avoid shampooing the day before. Chemicals used in color can irritate the skin, your scalp’s natural oils will protect it.”

A picture says it all. You may tell your colorist “honey” but wind up with a rich, amber brown instead of the golden color you envisioned. Words mean different things to different people. Bring a photo to clear up any confusion. A good colorist can match the shade or steer you toward a color that will be more flattering for you. Consider the upkeep. Be realistic about how much maintenance you can handle. If you know it will be difficult (or expensive) to get to the salon for touch-ups every six weeks, stick with a shade that’s close to your natural one, or just go with face-framing highlights. Enhancing your color instead of drastically changing it will give you the most bang for your buck. And because you’re staying close to your own shade, your roots will be less noticeable, which means you can go longer between salon appointments.


The first step in knowing how to style your hair is to understand what you’re working with. If your hair is dry, dull and breaks easily, the cause is usually a combination of issues with sebum, genetics, bad habits and lack of proper care. The role of sebum is to hydrate the scalp. If you have dry hair, however, it means that the sebum isn’t doing its job properly, which can lead to itchiness and irritation. The hair loses its elasticity, becomes dull, breaks and splits more easily because it’s fragile. Your dry hair is partly due to genes, but it can also be caused by the elements, hard water, heat, processing, diet, over brushing and using the wrong products. You can’t change your genes, but you can improve in all the other areas. Ask your stylist in Âme Salon for a free consultations how to maintain you daily styling.


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