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Red Hair Color with Highlights and Lowlights

Updated: Mar 10

woman with red hair color with text
Red light color with highlights and lowlights
  • Red hair color has always been a head-turner, owing to its bold and vibrant appeal.

  • It's a color that stands out in a crowd, expressing confidence and individuality.

  • Red hair color with highlights and lowlights creaties a multi-dimensional, modern, and sophisticated look.

The Basics or Red Hair Color With Highlights and Lowlights

Red color hair with highlights and lowlights palette
Red is a versatile hair color that suits various skin tones

Before getting into the details of red hair color with highlights and lowlights, it's essential to grasp the basics of red hair color.

Red is a versatile color that suits various skin tones, from fair to dark.

The shade of red you choose can either warm or cool your complexion, making it a fantastic choice for anyone looking to change up their look.

What are Highlights and Lowlights?

Highlights are lighter sections of hair that add brightness and dimension. They are often used to frame the face and provide a sun-kissed look.

On the other hand, lowlights are darker sections that add depth and a more natural, multi-tonal appearance to the hair.

Ame Salon client with fire red hair poses at Ame Salon in Englewood
Highlights add brightness
  • Brightening Effect: Highlights add brightness and dimension to hair, often framing the face for a sun-kissed look.

  • Depth Addition: Lowlights contribute depth and a natural, multi-tonal appearance, enhancing the hair's overall look.

  • Vibrant Texture: The combination of highlights and lowlights creates a textured, vibrant look that enhances the natural variation in red hair color, making it full of life.

The combination of both creates a textured look that mimics the natural variation, making red hair color with highlights and lowlights look incredibly vibrant and full of life.

Why Choose Red?

From strawberry blonde to deep auburn, red color hair with highlights and lowlights offer a spectrum of options to suit every personality and style preference.

Red Hair Color Highlights client poses at Ame Salon in Englewood
Red hair color is warmth, energy, and excitement
  1. Bold Statement: Red hair color is a bold choice that immediately makes a statement. It's a color that stands out in a crowd, showcasing a strong, confident personality.

  2. Versatility: Red comes in a wide spectrum of shades, from soft strawberry blonde to vibrant crimson to deep auburn. This range of shades provides a versatile palette that can suit different skin tones and personal style preferences.

  3. Seasonal Harmony: Red hair color harmonizes well with the changing seasons. It's a warm color that resonates with the autumn and winter vibes, yet its brighter shades are also lively and vibrant for spring and summer.

  4. Natural Warmth: Red hair color exudes a natural warmth, creating a cozy and inviting aura. It's a color that can add a glow to the complexion, enhancing one's features.

  5. Trend-Setting: Red hair is often associated with trend-setting and fashionable choices. It's a color that often comes back into trend, offering a timeless appeal for those looking to stay current with their hair color choices.

The versatility of red makes it a favorite among individuals looking to make a striking yet elegant statement with their hair color.

Embracing the Autumn Vibes: Trending Orange Hair Colors

Pie chart of copper color most requested services at Ame Salon in Englewood
Copper Color is most requested services at Ame Salon
  • Seasonal Shift: As the leaves transition to warm hues of orange and red, hair color trends are following suit.

  • Fall 2023 Palette: This season is seeing a warm-up in hair color palette, with various shades of orange coming into trend, ranging from subtle to vibrant.

  • Celebrating Autumn: Each orange shade offers a unique way to celebrate the season's spirit.

  • Transitioning Shades: For those exploring red hair color with highlights and lowlights, transitioning to these orange shades could provide a fresh, seasonal twist.

Here are five orange hair color shades that have caught the attention and are making waves this fall:

1. Red-Hot Copper

Client with Red-Hot Copper hair poses at Ame Salon in Englewood
Red-Hot copper beauty at Ame Salon
  • This vibrant shade is a beautiful blend of red and copper tones, creating a fiery look that resonates with the season's essence.

  • Red-Hot Copper continues to be a favorite, especially during the autumn season when warm colors reign supreme.

  • The richness of this shade makes it a perfect choice for those looking to make a bold statement with their hair color this fall.

2. Copper

  • A classic that never seems to go out of style, Copper is once again on the list of trending colors this season.

  • Various sources have reiterated the popularity of copper hues, with a specific mention of Cowboy Copper Color.

  • The natural warmth of copper complements the fall aesthetics, making it a go-to choice for many.

3. Strawberry Blonde

  • Transitioning from the summer's golden bleach colors and copper tones, Strawberry Blonde emerges as a softer yet equally captivating choice.

  • This surprising color is holding strong this fall, offering a beautiful blend of red and blonde that evokes a gentle warmth, perfect for the cooling temperatures.

4. Fox Reds

  • Echoing the colors of autumn leaves, Fox Reds are a stunning copper-colored trend that perfectly matches the ambiance of autumn.

  • This shade is a harmonious blend of red and orange tones that capture the essence of fall, providing a beautiful way to embrace the season's change.

Client with golden orange red highlights and lowlights poses with her baby at Ame Salon in Englewood
Golder orange carries a warm tone

5. Golden Orange

  • While not explicitly mentioned for Fall 2023, Golden Orange is a shade that carries a warm tone which might resonate well with the autumn vibes.

  • This shade provides a subtle glow, evoking the golden hues of autumn leaves.

  • It's a more understated choice for those looking to celebrate fall in a more subtle, yet equally beautiful manner.

Each of these shades provides a unique way to celebrate the beauty of fall, aligning with the season's warm and cozy vibes.

So, whether you choose the boldness of Red-Hot Copper or the subtlety of Golden Orange, you're sure to make a stylish statement this season.

Adding Dimension with Highlights

Nothing lifts a base of red color like a sprinkle of highlights. The shimmering strands catch the light, adding a vibrant touch to even the darkest red color.

The beauty of red hair color is its compatibility with various highlight shades, each creating a unique look.

Woman with copper hair poses at Ame Salon in Englewood
Copper complements the fall aesthetics

Selecting the Right Highlight Shade

Regarding red hair color ideas, the highlight shade you choose can subtly complement or boldly contrast your base color.

Common highlight shades include blonde, lighter reds, and copper, each interacting differently with the various red color shades.

For instance, a copper red hair color paired with blonde highlights can offer a warm, sun-kissed look, perfect for summer.

Highlighting Techniques

Highlight Shade

Best Suited Red Base



Auburn Red

Brighter, eye-catching contrast

Lighter Reds

Dark Red

Subtle, natural enhancement


Bright Red Ruby

Warmth, metallic shimmer

The technique used for highlighting plays a crucial role in achieving the desired look.

Balayage, for example, creates a soft, natural appearance, making it a popular choice for a natural red color.

On the other hand, foil highlights provide a more defined, bold look, ideal for those wanting a dramatic change.

Achieving Depth with Lowlights

Lowlights add depth and richness to red hair, creating a balanced and well-rounded look. They are darker shades woven into the hair, and for red hair, shades like brown red or even dark red work perfectly to create a nuanced, textured appearance.

Choosing Lowlights Shades

Selecting the right lowlights shade is pivotal in achieving a harmonious look. A brown red hair color, for instance, can be enhanced with darker red or brown lowlights, adding a level of sophistication and class to the overall appearance.

Lowlights Techniques

The application technique influences the final look of your lowlights. Techniques like weaving or slicing are ideal for a subtle, blended appearance.

They seamlessly integrate the lowlights, providing a natural, multi-dimensional look that's easy to maintain, especially for those with a natural red hair color.

Mixing Highlights and Lowlights

The interplay between highlights and lowlights brings a unique vibrancy to red hair color, creating a captivating look of depth and dimension. This section explores achieving a well-balanced, multi-dimensional red hair color by mixing highlights and lowlights.

Achieving Balance

Achieving the right balance between highlights and lowlights is key to creating a harmonious look. It's about mixing lighter and darker shades to complement the base red hair color shades.

For example, a dark red hair color can be brightened with lighter highlights, while lowlights add depth and richness.


Red hair color ideas are abundant when it comes to mixing highlights and lowlights.

The possibilities are endless, from a natural red color with subtle highlights and lowlights to a bold copper red hair color with contrasting streaks.

Consulting with a professional stylist can provide personalized advice on achieving the desired look based on your hair type and color preferences.


Exploring the world of red hair color with highlights and lowlights can be an exciting venture.

Whether you prefer a natural look or something more dramatic, the red color spectrum caters to every preference.

Consult with professional colorists to achieve your desired look, and delve into the internal links provided for more in-depth information and inspiration.

Your bold, beautiful red hair awaits!

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